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The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war…shall be directly proportional to how they perceive how the Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.

                                                                         ---- George Washington

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Have you ever heard of Babe Ruth or Elvis Presley?
Of course you have, who hasn’t?
Both of these American icons are remembered by their greatness in their very own Halls of Fame.

Because you’re a patriot, I would also bet you’ve heard of great American heroes like Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz and Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Dakota Meyer. And if you’re a real history buff, you might even know about the great Marine Sniper, Carlos Hathcock.
But sadly, most people have never heard of them. You may be one of the few Americans who have.  But I’m getting ahead of myself, first let me tell you about the real issue at hand. As you’re probably aware, there’s a real issue with the fact our Nation is attacking our Veterans. The mainstream media, our schools, and even our government is doing everything they can to dishonor the sacrifices of our soldiers.
And thanks to them…

Our children and grandchildren will never know Carlos Hathcock’s devotion to duty and disregard for his own life earned him the Silver Star medal when he saved seven Marines from burning alive inside a blown up vehicle. And they will never know how he inspired an entire military unit to voluntarily don a white feather in their helmets and offer up their own lives to protect Carlos from an enemy sniper. They’ll never be taught he is the only sniper ever to shoot an enemy sniper right through his own scope.

Our Children and Grandchildren Know Nothing About our Men and Women in Uniform.
Too much emphasis and excitement is placed on preserving our celebrities and sports icons and not on preserving the stories of those who have sacrificed everything and more for us to live in a free country, preserving our way of life, safe from the horrors abroad. And too much emphasis and excitement is placed on preserving the relics of war: the weapons, the ships, the planes, and the tanks, and not on the men and women themselves and their inspiring stories of leadership, sacrifice, and devotion.
We Seek to Honor, Preserve, Educate and
Promote Their Stories…

In a Hall of Fame no less prestigious or magnificent than the MLB Hall of Fame or Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, with exhibits and displays that are worthy of the honor required to pay homage to the courage, sacrifice, and leadership of the men and women in our Armed Forces.
And by opening these doors, we will find passion, bravery, and heroism. We’ll be able to give credit to all Veterans whose lives have been purposeful in clearing and maintaining the road to freedom.
The Media, our Schools, and Even our Government
are Waging a War on Veterans!
If you don’t believe there is a very real war being waged on our Veterans and their history, take a look at this:
On page 154 of the famous textbook used in schools all across our country, A History of US, calls Veterans “violent, like lighted matches in packed cities.”

It continues,

“Uncle Sam could have sent teachers … instead, we spent vast sums of money on weapons, and we tried to solve problems the unthinking way – by fighting.”

War is a tragedy, and we should do all we can to avoid it… But sometimes it is necessary. And when it is, the hatred of war shouldn’t be placed upon the shoulders of our Veterans – the men and women who offer up their lives in exchange for ours. If this is what our children and grandchildren are learning in schools, that our Veterans are like lit matches, just waiting to go off, then I can’t blame them for not knowing just who it is out there on the front lines sacrificing for their freedom.

And that’s why I’m asking you to help preserve, honor, and educate people all across the world about stories like Carlos Hathcock’s. Stories of great sacrifice and heroism like his are not taught in America’s schools anymore.
…A prestigious, magnificent, and almost royal building no less in magnitude and ambition than any other hall of fame that immortalizes celebrities and athletes. It will be filled with educational exhibits that do justice to the men and women ingrained within them and their heroic stories of sacrifice and bravery. If you believe in this ambitious project and value the sacrifices of the very men and women responsible for the freedom you and I hold dear, like any patriot should, then will you please…
 …Join us in preserving our heroes, their stories, and their legacies.
So to get this project started and the wheels of history turning, I am going to move forward and open up a hall of fame worthy of our veterans and their brave sacrifices right away – with your help.

The American People do not want our Veterans’ legacy weakened and even attacked. We want our children and grandchildren to remember and be proud of those who served our country – the men and women who rose up when others threatened our security and way of life, who answered Liberty Bell’s ring.

On the other hand, if we can’t raise the funds we need, our Veterans’ legacy and the nation we both love may be devastated forever.

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