Best Bug Zapper; The Essential House Item

By | February 12, 2019
 best bug zapper

So you are tired of all the insects crawling in your house, even guests have told you that they won’t be visiting your house unless you get those insects off your house. Even worse, your dog also gets infected by those insects and falls ill. You need a pest control immediately or your house will fall apart. As a result, you get bugged all day long. The problem is that you live in a remote area where pest control companies can’t visit. So you don’t seem to find any alternative. And alas, you have to do the work your own.

The Go-Getter

So when you see no other alternative as stated earlier you have to do the work on your own. So you have to get the best bug zapper and even the best one in the town.

Here are some benefits of the bug zapper:

Clearly, the most obvious benefit of the bug zapper is that they eliminate dozens of insects right away, and vastly reduce the insect population in your area. There may be piles upon piles of insects within a few days, and while eventually other insects will make a note and come “clean up” after a night of bug zapping, there is no denying that the zappers make a big impact.

Similarly, bug zappers allow you to eliminate insects with few chemicals and little personal involvement. There is no health risk, nor is there necessarily any risk of disturbing or a nest or facing an insect you fear. Bug zappers are out of the way and have limited personal involvement.

For many, that’s enough to make them a popular choice among those with pest problems.

            •          Sensory exhilaration. Nothing beats the loud ‘crack’, accompanied by a bright spark of light when you connect racket with the bug.

            •          After the action, satisfaction. The feeling of hitting the target is second only to getting away with putting a thumbtack on the teacher’s chair.

            •          Office harmony. It’s a great team-building tool. After Extreme Business, Shane, Andrew, Jon and myself, were racking up office bugs like George W. racks up ‘campaign investors’ in the Bible Belt.

            •          Your ‘form’. Get in shape for that tennis match against your business partner. It’s also a great way of teaching your kid to play the game. I guarantee that after this summer my 4-year-old son, Mikael, will have a lethal topspin forehand.

            •          Peace of mind. It has a 1 yr warranty. Now, take a closer look at our cheap-ass competitors’ products and see where on the packaging it says that?

            •          Seamless delivery. It gets delivered to your door.

            •          College education. The Bug Zapper offers a nice alternative to coinage or cards for a drinking game. After 4 beers, see how long you can hold your finger on the wires.

            •          Marital harmony. When your spouse stumps you with some irrelevant, side-tracked retort to your perfectly reasonable viewpoint, merely whip out the ‘zapper, lightly brush the strings against her / his arm/rump/leg/forehead, and consider the matter closed.

            •          No muss, no fuss. Try as you might, you won’t find a single remaining bug part after you’ve evaporated that pesky mosquito with your trusty Bug Zapper.

            •          O-zone friendly. Do you favour; take a small whiff of the bug spray in your closet. Surely that stuff is harmful to more than just bugs…?