Keep the gun safe and hidden with the impeccable SpeedVault SV 500 gun safe

By | February 24, 2019

Keeping a gun for the safety of one’s family is important but keeping the gun safe from others is also a necessity. For storing a gun one needs secure storage where others cannot reach especially the kids in the family. This dilemma can be solved by Speedvault SV500 which is packed with features to keep one’s gun safe and also handy when in the need. The design of the vault is such that it gives the user a sense of assurance regarding the safety of the gun.


  1. Digital keypad: this safe is equipped with a digital passcode keypad which allows 11.3 million passcode combinations to choose from.
  • Audio alert: many times it may happen that the safe start running on a low battery and the LED light may go unnoticed too. in such cases, the safe gives an audio alert which will make the family members notice the low battery situation.
  • 2 back up keys: there are always chances that one may forget the passcode, in such situations the 2 back up keys given with the SpeedVault SV500 will be of great help to open the safe and reset the passcode.
  • Tamper mode: SV500 comes with a tamper mode which will tell the owner if someone with a wrong passcode tried to open the safe. If the 2 and 3 keys are long pressed then a LED light shows either green means there was no tampering or red means there was tampering.
  • Installation: the installation of the entire safe is super easy as one can place it anywhere. For installing the safe a bracket is given along with wooden screws and thumbscrews. After finishing the brackets the safe can be installed on it.
  • Build: the build of the safe is high-end as it provides an anti-corrosion layering inside the safe. Also, the interiors are big enough to store a full sized revolver along with extra magazines. The look of the safe is sleek and does not shout safe from its looks, as one can be mistaken thinking it is a jewelry box.
  • Warranty:  it comes with a limited period warranty of 5 years for which the buyers need to sign up. Warranty is provided against burglary and fire damage for 5 years whereas there is a 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects.


  • Strong and durable design
  • Tamper mode
  • Silent mode for quiet operations
  • 11.3 million passcode combination option.
  • Two back up keys
  • Audio alarm for low battery
  • Long battery life for up to 9 months.


  • Warranty is short as compared to others
  • Being sound can be disturbing.
  • Mounting the bracket can be difficult at times due to small screws.

Without nay with its sturdy built and advanced features, it is a sure shot winner for keeping ones gun safe. With the digital keypad, tamper mode, audio alert and it’s not so gun safe look as one of its great features to look out for SpeedVault SV 500 is the best gun safe.