Know The Features Of Best Slow Cooker´╗┐

By | March 3, 2019

Slow cooker takes time to cook food. And time is the only difference between a best slow cooker and pressure cooker. One can control time to get food cooked done by required time using current technology. The main benefit with cooker is that one can cook any dish and then insert all ingredients in it and wait for some time to get it cooked. But due to long working hours, one does not get enough time and also does not have enough stamina to cut vegetables and then wait for a dish to get cooked. Instead, one can set the time of start and end of cooking through controls of a slow cooker and insert all the ingredients of a dish in cooker before going out for office or a day trip, and then when he or she comes it would be cooked automatically by that time. Most of the slow cookers have some common features like the ability to cook at high, low or medium temperature, to keep food warm after getting cooked to prevent the disintegration of food or overcooking, to set exact temperature required for food to get cooked.

 best slow cooker

Features required for a slow cooker to be best slow cooker:

  • Capacity to contain and cook food for complete family or groups.
  • Portable to any place during the journey or traveling on a trip with friends or family.
  • The lid should be locked perfectly to avoid leakage through spilling or mistakenly dropping it out of hands or insertion of air.
  • Option to set varieties of a duration of cooking like from 20-30 minutes to 10-30 hours and once it reaches time set by a user, it starts to keep food warm till serving.
  • An inner and outer body should be made up of stainless steel to avoid stains of oil and vegetables.
  • It should be easy and simple to use for user and also easy to wash so as one does not spend much time on washing or learning as how to handle it.
  • Ability to cook for any number of people from 1-2 to 7-8 people. So that one does not need to buy another cooker if he or she is alone or there are less number of people or if there are more people in the house than usual.
  • Since due to large capacity it can’t be stay hidden in a kitchen so it remains in the line of sight so it should be good in design and looks so as it does not destroy looks of a kitchen and easily fit in a kitchen as one of the showcase items.

With technology, it has been easy for everyone from traveling to reading to now cooking. One does not need to order food from a restaurant or order pizza to get food in a short time. Now with the help of best slow cooker, one can get food cooked in his or her own house in a shorter time.