Looking for the best Piano? Check out the review of the Yamaha DGX-660 review

By | February 6, 2019

The popular DGX-660 series sell the best playing pianos of all time. These are digital pianos and the company has reached the next level by launching DGX 660. If you have already purchased DGX 650 and 660 rolls in, you might think of upgrading it 660. Before that, check out the Yamaha dgx 660 review for having a detailed knowledge of advantages and disadvantages. This 88-key keyboard produces a high-quality clear sound that helps in creating entertainment music. In this article, you can know about Yamaha dgx -660 physical features and connections.

Physical characteristics of Yamaha dgx 660

Yamaha dgx 660 review can be understood better by knowing the physical attributes of the keyboard.

  • Appearance: It does not look bigger like a nine foot piano. It has a stand which is included and it is a bit heavy. With the help of friends or family members, you can move it from one place to another.
  • Portable: The Yamaha dgx 660 is portable which is explained clearly by the manufacturer by its design. The keyboard is placed under the category ‘Portable’ and hence cannot be moved and played as a stage piano.
  • Assembly: The assembly process is a bit complicated and if you are a novice, then you might need professional help. With the help of the user’s manual, you can build or construct the keyboard easily. It can be carried to a nearby for playing at a coffee shop and other places.
  • Size: The stand is included along with the keyboard. It is around 30 inches tall, 17.5 inches deep and 55 inches wide and weighs around 61 pounds. It is a bit heavy but can be handled with the help of an accompanying person.
  • Connections: The versatile keyboard has many connections and ports that help in connecting various external devices. The keyboard has a power port with the typical DC, stereo output or headphone jack which is about one inch, an auxiliary input, sustain pedal jack, and a quarter inch microphone input.

How does it feel playing Yamaha dgx 660?

•    The keys are made of quality plastic that provides an easy grip to play them. The graded hammer keyboard replicates the light touch from heavy feel. It feels like an acoustic grand piano when touching the keys.

•    It feels like a semi-weight piano due to unnatural recoiling of keys in the middle to end. It might be difficult to play fast repeated notes due to this feature.

•    It is good for beginners however some serious piano players may not be comfortable with the keys. You can go for other digital grand pianos for an authentic keyboard.

•    There are a variety of instrument options like choosing the room environment like concert halls and recital. Many types of reverbs are available from smallest to largest.

On the whole, Yamaha dgx 660 review is good and many keyboard players have submitted the best testimonials. The quality of sound and other aspects lies between a digital piano and an acoustic stage piano.