Tips on How to Buy the Best Camping Cots

By | February 11, 2019

You don’t really need to go on camping or trekking to get a camping cot. A camping cot is a small sized, multipurpose, folding bed that can be carried from one place to another without much hard labour. There could be various reasons why you would need comfortable single bedding that can be easily folded up to lessen the space it occupies. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Benefits of Camping Cots

•    Imagine spending sleepless nights on your camping trips. You’d desperately wish you had a bed to jump into in order to prepare for the next day fun. Carrying a camping cot will free you of these worries and give a lovely sleep that is perfect to refill the energy for the upcoming thrills.

•    If there are any conditions like the damp ground, rainy day etc. sleeping in an elevated cot is all that can keep you safe from the ground which is dangerous to sleep on.

best camping cots

•    For people with any kind of health issues, sleeping on the ground would be bad for the health. In that case, these best camping cots could be their saviour.

Features to Look For In a Camping Cot

The camping cot you are going to buy should have some of most of the following features:

1.    It should be durable: There’s no point of buying the cots which can be easily damaged in the middle of your camping. Moreover, if you are investing in it, you would certainly want it to stay in proper condition for long. Make sure it is sturdy and able to keep heavy weights, just in case your big fat friend bumps on it.

2.    Cost effective: You would never want to spend more for something that isn’t worth it. Always select the best available option. 

3.    Compact Portable: Your camping cot should be easy to carry from one place to another, else, you will be tired of carrying it on your shoulders all the time and wouldn’t be able to enjoy the trip.

4.    A carrying bag would do great: this would help to make the cot look smaller and thus handy.

5.    Warranty: It is always good to go for the ones with warranty offers, just in case there’s a fault with it.

6.      Easy to open and close: The tight-framed cots are difficult to open and close if you are alone out there.


If you are making up your mind about buying a camping cot, then always do proper research over the internet. There are a number of brands out there with almost similar features yet their price differs with a huge mark. It is crucial to understand how to decide the best suited for you. As a generic view, it is recommended to go for the lightweight, portable, strong-framed and cost-effective cots. As per your weight, decide what capacity cot you prefer to buy. Also, see if you are looking for a single bed or a double bed cot. Make this camping experience one of the most relaxing ones for yourself with the best camping cots!